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My ultimate goal is to help to create a sense of

equilibrium and harmony in my students lives."

- Jing Shuai

"I am a new student of Tai Chi. There are a lot of different teachers in the area, and I did a lot of research before visiting Jing Shuai’s class. She has the knowledge and experience I was looking for in a teacher. The classes I’ve attended so far have been excellent. I am thankful for the way Jing individualizes her instruction for each student and how she teaches each movement one at a time. I would recommend working with Jing to anyone interested in Tai Chi."

Nick F.

" We signed up the Art and Culture of Kung Fu because we wanted to have a positive outlet for the kids energy. Jing is teaching them how to think first, before acting and the values of respect and being thankful. She is doing it in a very positive way. No one ever feels as though they could possibly make a mistake

My wife, two boys (aged 5 and 7) and I had no experience. We all enjoyed the fact that Jing taught according to our individual level, so our whole family could take part. In the beginning only one of us wanted to go, and now everyone loves the class and looks forward to seeing Jing." ->> The Berwing Family 

“Every Tuesday morning at 8 am I go into town, sit and write for two hours at The Bakery, then go to Jing's Wellness Tai Chi class at 10. It is a regular, structured class, but also a drop-in, so anyone can come and realize the benefits I have: calmness, balance, grace, exertion, stretching, dance, self-development, wholeness (if momentary). A fleeting state of grace, an existential oasis. It feels good, and Jing is kind, patient, capable, and funny." -Greg Correll